Advice for parishes and clergy

The Chaplain is always available to any parishes or organisations within the Diocese. Email:


Here are some suggestions of when to contact the Chaplain:

  • advicewhen you have a Deaf, BSL-user come to your church, either for a special service, or wanting to come regularly
  • when you have a Deaf child coming to church, or one of the groups associated with your church.
  • when a Deaf, BSL-user comes for baptism or confirmation, and you need to be able to include them in special classes
  • when you have a funeral service, and some of the family or friends are Deaf
  • when you have hearing people in your congregation who are learning BSL and want to use their skills within the church
  • when you want to encourage your church Signer in their ministry
  • when you want to inform your congregation about different ways of being the Church within the Diocese, whether by speaking to a group or preaching during a service
  • when you want to include people who are Deaf in your social or outreach events for the community.

How you can work with the Chaplaincy:

Another part of the Chaplain’s role is to seek out those parishes, congregations or individuals who want to work in partnership with the Chaplaincy. If you, your congregation, or a group within it, would be interested in:

  • becoming partners with us in prayer,
  • visiting the Deaf Church and experiencing a service in sign language,
  • developing regular signed services in your parish
  • becoming a centre where Deaf and hearing can come together
  • using your building to hold classes in basic BSL for church members

Please get in touch with the chaplain.

Downloadable Information for Parishes

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